Introducing Align

Like all our apps, Align was built with a user experience first approach. It is easy to use with a friendly and intuitive design that helps accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

It's Time to GetHealthy!

GetHealthy is an incentive platform that helps users make healthy decisions. The goal is to leverage the power of social support, engagement, and education to encourage users to achieve health goals.

Utilizing the Power of Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a cutting edge HTML5/Jquery framework that lets us bring sexy to all of our applications. It doesn’t matter if it is a purpose driven HTML5 web application or a Hybrid mobile app, Kendo UI has us covered.

Painless · Sexy · Wow

Traditionally, building business solutions has been a long and difficult process. Many applications die before they’re finished as they end up over budget, overdue, and clunky. Radolo takes the pain away from the application building process. You give us a problem and we solve it. We provide a sexy, turn-key solution that is ready to go. No overages! No surprises! Wow!

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What Our Clients Say

  • We’ll be Working with Radolo for Years to Come

    We chose Radolo based on positive recommendations from business associates, and we soon concluded we had made a good decision. Radolo was attentive to our needs and ultimately made significant contributions to our software’s core functionality, feel and usability. Without the guiding hand of Radolo we’d still be discussing the pros and cons of various mock-ups and use cases.

    Dudley Jacobs // GetHealthy
  • Radolo Quickly Grasped our Business Process

    I’m impressed with how quickly Radolo grasped our business process and delivered an extremely functional solution rapidly along with first-class user interface. Your team is easy to work with and I consider you an extension of my staff when I don’t have the bandwidth or skillset on my team. Thanks for bringing process, design, programming and business skills to our projects and helping us exceed our customer expectations.

    Dale Denham // Geiger
  • Radolo Has Been a True Partner

    Radolo has been a true partner in both creation and collaboration in creating a new software solution for us. The team at Radolo is incredibly responsive and makes working in ‘technology’ easy. With their attention to the user experience they have been able to create a software solution that is beyond our expectations.

    Andy Baily // Petra Coach
  • Radolo created a clean and effective website

    Aptify was looking to make our website more mobile-friendly with a new responsive design. Radolo worked with us to create a clean and effective site that allows our visitors to have a seamless website experience on any device. Their team was quick to respond to concerns and accomplished the project in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Radolo.

    Bryan kelly // Director of Marketing
Why Choose Radolo?


Our process is powered by a rapid development platform that allows for rapid turnaround and agile development. Not only will we be able to deliver quickly, but adjustments can be made on the fly to ensure you get exactly what you need.


You have a business problem and need a solution. We’ll take it from there. We speak your language and remove the need for you to rely on IT or to manage a group of developers. We give you a turn-key, hassle-free solution that we build, host and run.


All our projects are done with a fixed-cost budget. This is a win for everyone as our incentives are aligned to deliver a solution that exactly meets your needs as fast as possible. You’ll know the exact final costs upfront.

  • GetHealthyGetHealthy is an online, incentive platform that helps people make long-term, lifestyle decisions that improve health.
  • AlignAlign is a product built to recreate the famed management process of John D. Rockefeller in a web application.
  • GeigerGeiger provides a variety of more than 150,000 promotional products and related marketing and branding services.
  • AptifyAptify is a market leading software and consulting company focused on serving the needs of the association market.


Would You Build a House Without a Blueprint?

November 1, 2013

Part of the Radolo process whenever we build a custom application is to begin with what we call discovery. The purpose of discovery is to define what needs to be built and how it will work. During this process we dig deep, defining requirements down to how every page will look, the functionality of every […]

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